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This listing is for Lehigh Valley locals only, as it requires the customer to drop off a bottle and pick it up!

If you're completely stumped on gifting this year, a nice bottle of wine or liquor is always well received! However, what if this year you were to include a personalized engraved message for your loved one? The bottle then becomes a keepsake that can adorn a shelf or bar (even after the contents are enjoyed), with a message of love that will last a lifetime.

Ren's engraving pairs nicely with all types of glass liquor bottles, and she will custom write your note right on the bottle in her own modern lettering. Using a hand-held drill, the message will be permanently etched into the bottle. Color fill options are available for an additional fee, which looks especially nice to give the letters an extra bit of sparkle!

Do you have a special request (including illustrative florals or designs)? Please reach out to Ren at She's always up for a challenge!

A few notes before you commit:

Again, please understand the bottle MUST BE PROVIDED BY THE CUSTOMER, as well as dropped off and picked up at the indicated address. Liquor will not be purchased for the customer. This listing is for engraving services only.
Champagne bottles may be engraved, but please understand there is always a risk with etching on a bottle under pressure (though it is very rare). There will be special instructions for the customer when they pick up on how to care for an engraved champagne bottle.
Pricing is $25 up to 5 words and $35 up to 10 words. Metallic color fill will be an additional $3. Please choose the correct pricing when checking out.

Take time to indicate your EXACT custom message in the notes section (including correct spelling, punctuation, and capital letters if necessary). The engraving will be written exactly as submitted.

If the liquor bottle requires the label to be removed, it must be removed by the customer prior to engraving.

Once purchased, Ren will reach out via email to coordinate a drop-off time. Once the bottle is received, it will be completed within 3-5 business days. When ordering, please consider your gifting schedule and the turnaround time.

No orders will be accepted after December 17th!

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