Freebie Download – My gift to you, your kids, and your sanity!


My friends! Great to have you here.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Ren, a Lettering Artist operating out of Allentown, Pennsylvania. I love teaching lettering an illustration for all ages in my in-person workshops, but I also am beginning to offer awesome classes online!

By visiting this page, I’m assuming you (or your kids) are interested in learning some brush lettering techniques using simple tools you probably already have at home. You’re in the right place!

Perhaps you’re looking for a simple activity for your children’s down time. Maybe you’d like your kids to practice their penmanship while they are out of school. You might even be searching for some stress relief (for even yourself)! Crayoligraphy is a great place to start, and my download is completely FREE and printable from your computer.

What is Crayoligraphy?

Crayoligraphy is a technique of creating written calligraphy (traditionally done with a pointed pen) using Crayola (or another similar brand) markers. While I cannot take any credit for the name or technique (Crayola most certainly has rights to all of that), I CAN say that I have worked with lots of kiddos through camps and school presentations to do this activity. It’s a surprisingly useful skill to learn, even for us big kids!

What supplies do I need to do Crayoligraphy?

The materials you will need are:

  • The black and white printed Crayoligraphy packet FREE file found below.
  • Crayola Broad Line Markers work best for this particular technique, but if you’re unable to find some, I have techniques for “faking it” using other tools (watch my video below!).
  • Tracing paper is helpful, but not required. You can use a lightbox if you have that sort of equipment at home. Thinner paper such as white computer paper is my recommendation, and I will show you a technique for using a window as a light box for tracing (again, watch that video!).
  • A flat surface to work on, such as a clip board or just your kitchen table.

What if I don’t have markers?!

Whoa, don’t panic! Like I mentioned, you can “fake it,” using another really useful lettering technique.

I will show you what some people call “faux calligraphy” but really it’s just hand lettering, or drawing your letters. Using any type of writing instrument, such as a pen or pencil, you can achieve the calligraphy look by drawing in your thicker lines.

It’s easy, and I explain everything in the video below!

Help! I have questions.

No problem, we’re friends, and I’m here to help! Please reach out if you need anything:

Have fun, and enjoy focusing on learning something new!



Check out this super fun video I created with my two girls to show you just how to do Crayoligraphy, and how to do it even if you don’t have markers!

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Shoutout to Crayola – they are an amazing company! I’ve been so grateful working with them in various capacities. Have you seen my recently released Crayola coloring book, called Florals?
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