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Friends of Ren Program

Offering a special discounted rate on my engraved personalized glassware for the creative professional, realtor, or wedding vendor.


Personalized glassware with etched Mr. Price and Mrs. Price

Gift your clients in style!

Often I hear that creative professional friends of mine are looking for unique gifts for their best clients, whether that be upon booking, for the holidays, or to celebrate an exciting milestone.

By offering my personalized engraved glassware with calligraphy names at a discounted rate, I hope to solve this problem, fostering a beautiful business relationship with all the rainbows and unicorns. I got you!

Details of Products Available

I am happy to offer the following styles of glassware for this program:

Stemless wine glasses
Stemmed wine glasses
Beer steins
Stemless champagne flutes

Each glassware item may be customized in calligraphy or a single monogram, with a beautiful permanent frosted etched design. Please see my shop for the styles I work in!

Words could include a first name, business name, short phrase, or, for bridal vendors, a Mr. & Mrs. / Mr. & Mr. / Mrs. & Mrs. with the last name if appropriate.

I often take custom requests, but the pricing would vary on these depending on complexity.

Friends' Special Pricing

Approved vendors can sign up for this exclusive program, receiving a discount of 40% off the retail price of the glassware. Most items start around $20, which amounts to $12 per glass (average starting price, could increase depending on custom requests).

I reserve the opportunity to include a business card and marketing material with each client gift which will include a discount code for future purchases through my website.

Shipping will be available for an additional cost, but I prefer to arrange a free drop-off or pick-up, as this is mainly offered to local vendors that I have a business relationship with.

Hand-written notes on a special note card will also be available for the client at a small additional cost. This will include an envelope with the client or couple’s names in brush calligraphy.


What are the requirements for a vendor to be accepted into this program?

At this time, there are no requirements per say — I do not require any order minimums or have official monetary expectations. This program is available to small business owners who enjoy gifting their clients something special — it’s directed towards creative entrepreneurs (designers, photographers, and other independent professionals), vendors who work in the wedding industry and serve couples, and realtors. It’s free to join, and no obligation to continue!

I do, however, hope to establish a relationship with you and offer my services to enhance your client gift giving. I hope you can depend on me, leave a happy customer, and want to order more!

This program is NOT for wholesaling my glassware. Please contact me if you aren't sure — I'm always happy to chat and see if you're qualified!

How are these glasses different from something at a big box store?

The ones you’ve most likely seen at Home Goods or a similar store are probably mass-printed on glass, and they may have general words such as “Mr. & Mrs.” or a generic monogram. 

My glasses are hand etched, which means a drill is used to engrave the words, creating a permanent beautiful design (unlike the printed glassware which will eventually fade over time). My designs and calligraphy are completely done by hand — no font here! By having full design control, I can literally write any words you can imagine, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art!

By purchasing through me, you’re also shopping local. I work hard to pass on savings to you, my loyal friends, while also covering the production costs and the time and talent I put into creating every piece. I also use glassware that has been tested and approved, and I source glassware from USA companies.

How many do I have to order at one time?

There are no requirements, but I do prefer to receive orders in bulk. For example, if you’ve signed on 5 new clients in that month, I’d rather receive those orders all at once, as opposed to one at a time. This allows me to consolidate etching time, which in turn gets your order created faster!

How long does it take to create the glass, and how fast can I have them completed?

This is an excellent question, and it depends on the scope of your order ultimately. If I have your glassware in-stock, my turnaround time is typically 5 days.

However, if for some reason you are ordering a bulk amount of glasses, I may ask for up to 3 weeks to complete the order because I must purchase the glassware from my suppliers.

Reserving glassware ahead of time is absolutely possible — even if you are not ready to etch, I can put aside your required amount so you'll have it available when it comes time to personalize (deposit required for this option).

What if something breaks?

I realize glass makes most people nervous when adding shipping! I will say that I have experience with packing my glassware and sending it across the country, and I have yet to experience a break (hoping not to jinx it!). However, if there is ANY problem with your glassware, including a crack or break — know I stand by my work and I will absolutely provide a replacement free of charge.

Do you offer shipping directly to my client?

I do! I’m happy to carefully wrap up your item myself and ship it directly from my home. Please make arrangements if this is what you require. I only ask that you cover shipping and handling costs (dependent on size of order and shipping location).

Want to hear more? I'm happy to chat!