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My materials of choice include anything under the sun — from ink, marker, paint, my iPad and Apple Pencil, or my hand engraving drill — there’s practically nothing I haven’t tried! No matter the medium, all of my designs celebrate bold motifs with dynamic curves. I often say I “see in lines,” which is reflected in my detailed linework and sleek lettering strokes, adding movement throughout the composition.

A Crayola Coloring Book by Lauren Beck

Check out Ren's artwork in coloring book form! The illustrated Crayola adult coloring book is simply called “Florals.” It features 40 pages of detailed blooms, inspired by antique botanical drawings, vintage wallpaper floral patterns, and — believe it or not — black line tattoo art!

This coloring book can be found sold online through Crayola's shop, on Amazon, various online booksellers, and in-store at select Walgreens (where it currently is a best seller!).

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Ren is currently open for freelance and licensing opportunities for her illustration and hand lettering work. She is consistently adding to her portfolio, with illustration and patterns created by hand, scanned or drawn in Procreate, then finalized using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. With many years experience of working in a variety of mediums, Ren is well-versed in the latest trends, applications and styles. Enjoy this small sampling of some recent work!

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