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Learn to letter and illustrate with Ren! Classes are available for children through adults, of all abilities.

What to Expect in a Ren & Ink Workshop

Teaching is actually my first love — I have a degree in Art Education, and I’ve been instructing children since I was a teenager. From there, I have taught in public schools, summer camps, and I now partner with local PA studios and nonprofits to lead workshops. I am grateful that I am able to marry my true passions — lettering, illustration and teaching!

When attending a Ren & Ink workshop, you’ll have the experience of a real art class, but explained simply in terms you can understand. I hold no secrets back — you'll learn all my tested and approved techniques to successfully create amazing work. My main goal as your instructor is to have you walk away with newly learned skills and a new obsession.

Can’t wait to have you in class!


Ren offers a variety of learning opportunities:


Lettering // Brush Calligraphy, Illustrative Hand Lettering, Sign Painting, Children's Workshops

Illustration // Floral Illustration, Character Illustration for Kids

Digital Illustration with Procreate // Adult Digital Drawing, Children's Workshops

Team Building in Lettering & Illustration, including Virtual Workshops

Family Workshops through Lehigh University Art Galleries

Summer Camps and ArtSmart After School Programs through Banana Factory

Various Workshops through The Art Establishment

2021 Workshops Available

Procreate App Illustration for Pre-Teens

Tuesdays, Oct 19 to Nov 2, 2021
6:30pm to 8:00pm
The Banana Factory, Olympus Digital Lab
$75 for 3 classes


In this fun and engaging class, students will take their illustration skills to the next level using an iPad Pro and Apple pencil.  They’ll explore challenging projects and their own personal style as they jump from creating art on paper to the screen. With the versatile and intuitive drawing app called Procreate, the possibilities are endless — students will utilize brushes that mimic artist tools, layered documents, custom color palettes, and countless features to enhance their digital designs!

All equipment included, student is not required to own an iPad.

Digital Collage for Ages 10-18

Saturday, November 13, 2021
2pm to 4pm
The Banana Factory, Olympus Digital Lab
$25 per person


This class will take the concept of collaging images together to create unexpected and surreal art — but instead of using physical scissors, they’ll be collaging using a digital app! Students will harness the power of the intuitive drawing app called Procreate, and by starting with the basics (beginners welcome!), they’ll gain skills quickly by combining sourced stock photography into one scene. Students will also learn how to add illustrative touches to their art with the drawing features of Procreate, completing a unique project and gaining the skills to design and draw digitally.

All equipment included, students are not required to own an iPad.

Drawing Your Day Workshop

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
6pm to 7pm
Lehigh University Art Galleries


Each day of our life offers creative inspiration, if only we take a pause to look!  In this uplifting drawing workshop, local professional illustrator Lauren Beck (Ren & Ink LLC) will lead students in exploring the art of sketch journaling. By first learning simple line and shading techniques, along with tips and tricks for successful sketch recording, the class will use visual journal prompts to capture the small (but meaningful) moments, celebrating the daily delights of life with art.

Flower Letter Illustration

Wednesday, December 8, 2021
6:30pm to 8:30pm
The Banana Factory
$30 per person


Create a hand-drawn and dramatic letterform with gorgeous inked flowers! With step-by-step guidance on visually combining botanical elements inside a single monogram letter, you’ll design your own unique illustration ready to be proudly displayed in your home. The completed monogram will make a great holiday gift!

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