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When commissioned to create the Musikfest 2024 poster design, I felt honored to be a part of something so historic and important to the Lehigh Valley community and beyond!

I tapped into my deep love for experiencing live music at festivals and concerts. Often, these special moments have been at outdoor venues, when the energy of the crowd and music gives me a profound sense of soothing calm, grounding me to the present moment. In these experiences, I often notice the sky, feeling a deep sense of wonder and calm with the vast universe above, while the music surrounds me.

With the design of the Musikfest poster, my idea was to express this ethereal energy with waves of color rising, opening up to joyous celestial bodies above. With illustrations of constellations depicting instruments and objects representative of Musikfest, my painted night sky expands into a grand tapestry. The shining moon character is seemingly enjoying the cosmic symphony that surrounds them.

Humans throughout history have assigned meaning to the constellations, passing down stories to explain the many mysteries of the universe. This poster tells the story of Musikfest in the stars, but I love to wonder what others might see when they gaze at their own night sky above.

I hope you enjoy the colorful and vibrant design I've created celebrating the history and magic of Musikfest!

Musikfest 2024

Poster design by Lauren Beck

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Musikfest unveils 2024 poster filled with festival stars

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Times News

ArtsQuest unveils 2024 Musikfest poster

The Morning Call

ArtsQuest reveals Musikfest 2024 poster, created by Allentown artist


ArtsQuest reveals official poster for Musikfest 2024

Lehigh Valley Live

ArtsQuest reveals vibrant, starry 2024 Musikfest poster

The Weekender

Musikfest unveils 2024 artwork by Banana Factory Artist-in-Residence, Lauren Beck

Illustrator, Hand Lettering Artist & Art Educator

Meet the ARtist

I'm Lauren Beck, known as "Ren" through my business Ren & Ink LLC, and I'm an artist proudly living and working in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. It's a true pleasure to be the poster artist for Musikfest 2024!

With a variety of mediums in my toolbelt, I strive to create artwork that features bold motifs with dynamic curves, including detailed lines and texture, adding a sense of movement throughout my compositions. Often my subjects include florals, nature, and hand lettering, highlighted in my past Crayola coloring books, digital designs, and murals.

With my background and degree in Art Education from Kutztown University, I regularly teach in-person workshops, after school programs, and summer camps with ArtsQuest’s Banana Factory and other studios in the Lehigh Valley. My heart is full when I can bring subjects and mediums that I love to the classroom, as we connect by way of art. Some of my proudest moments have been while instructing a wide variety of ages and abilities, and I continue to grow as a human and artist as I embrace opportunities to learn from others.

I'm energized by working directly with the community, and I'm thrilled to be merging my love for the arts, education, and the Lehigh Valley with this opportunity. Thank you for your support!

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As I developed as an artist, I leaned into the amazing feelings of joy and celebration, which brought a sense of light energy to my life. Everything I make now feels like a vibrant composition of bold lines, curves, and letterforms — an energetic party of nature and positive vibes, brightening my spirit as I create what's in my soul!

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