Want to know what's deep in my soul? I'm convinced it's filled with blooming botanical flowers and curvy script lettering — because that's what comes out of my hand when I go to make stuff, whether it be drawing on my iPad or etching on glass.

My favorite thing in life is making connections and meeting vibrant, uplifting people, so I'm glad you stopped on by!

Lover of curvy letterforms & dynamic blooms

I'm Lauren "Ren" Beck,

Artist, Maker, and Teacher

all of this has brought me here

and I love my journey!

I'm Lauren Beck, of Ren & Ink LLC, a lettering artist and illustrator based out of my home studio in Allentown, PA. I specialize in calligraphy and digital designs, while also leading workshops for children and adults.

With a variety of mediums in my toolbelt, I strive to create work that celebrates bold motifs with dynamic curves. Detailed linework and sleek script lettering strokes add movement throughout my compositions. Often my subjects include florals and nature, which is highlighted in my most recent 40-page coloring book collaboration with Crayola.

In addition, I've developed a unique line of products, all customized using a hand drill and lasers to engrave original designs and calligraphy into glassware and home good items. Read more about my process here!

Get to know me...

I'm not a very picky person, but I'm a serious coffee snob because I spent years as a barista. A black dark roast is my drink of choice.

I've got two talented and hilarious daughters, who keep me busy, humble, laughing, and feeling loved every single day.

As an Enneagram 2, I am a hostess at heart, always cooking and baking (or mixing a cocktail!) for friends and family. 

Water is my happy place. Lakes, rivers, oceans, pools — I love swimming and boating and just being around it!

I feel totally myself on the dance floor! Give me an opportunity to dance, and I'll bust out some sweet moves.

One random day in 2015, a good friend sent me a link to a Skillshare class on Hand Lettering. I had no idea that creative world existed, and clearly that small moment changed my life!

I'm completely head-over-heels for my husband, who was the first one to call me "Ren." He's my true partner and I couldn't do any of this without his support (and occasional tech advice).

With my degree in art education, I couldn't ignore my true love for teaching others. It excites me to share my knowledge with students of all ages.



My journey has led me on a path to crafting products, and I enjoy tinkering with new machines and techniques to adorn physical items with my art.

Engraved by Ren


I love a good curvy letterform paired with bold florals! I'm consistently challenging myself as an artist to create original artwork for licensing.

Ren's Portfolio


I have three professional jobs...

Purchase online

Currently available online and in-stores at Walgreens, the illustrated Crayola adult coloring book is simply called “Florals.” It features 40 pages of hand-drawn blooms, inspired by antique botanical drawings, vintage wallpaper floral patterns, and — believe it or not — black line tattoo art!


a collaboration with crayola

Florals, A Flower Coloring Book

visit brave kids art club

Though I hosted many online workshops prior to this opportunity, this was my first time teaching in a YouTube format. It was so much fun being featured on Brave Kids Art Club, and I was thrilled to teach the basic techniques of drawing a beautiful tropical hibiscus flower!

free online youtube drawing classes for kids, hosted by brad woodard

a collaboration with brave kids art club

Draw a Hibiscus Flower

visit the creative pause

I was welcomed to teach a short lesson on this inspirational series of interviews and lessons, formulated specifically for small business owners, mothers, and creatives. It was a joy to connect during the pandemic shutdown of 2020, as I shared techniques on crafting visually beautiful and meaningful hand lettered pieces for family, friends and yourself.

a lesson on hand lettering an uplifting quote, hosted by stacey fay & susan padron

a collaboration with the creative pause project

Explore the Art of Hand Lettering

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