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    Illustrations, lettering and hand engraving by artist Lauren "Ren" Beck

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Hey there, friend!

I’m Ren, a lettering artist and illustrator based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania. I’ve developed my craft over the years working with bridal couples and small businesses, creating handmade signage, calligraphy, and digital designs.

Wanting to learn all the things, I discovered hand engraving on glass and other surfaces with a small drill. This began my journey in creating of customized products using my floral line illustrations and calligraphy. It’s currently fueling my passion and putting a smile on my face (along with my customers!).

Alongside engraving, I'm currently developing my illustration portfolio for licensing. You'll also notice I teach practically everything I know in my super fun workshops (lots coming in 2021!).

When not completely focused on my iPad or drilling on glass, I'm just a family gal living the simple life. I'm a solid Enneagram 2, a wannabe plant enthusiast (though drawing flowers is probably a better bet), and I host pretty epic dance parties with my two daughters.

Thanks for stopping by!