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With Ren as your guide, you'll learn art through one-on-one classes, following an individualized plan — a refreshing approach to typical online education!

Virtual Art Coaching
with a Custom Plan

Ren's Personalized Approach will...

what you'll receive

Hone in on your learning needs with a formal written plan, considering your unique struggles

Foster human connection with one-on-one Zoom meetings, as opposed to recorded lessons in an online course

Teach you  mediums or techniques straight from a professional artist, with a personal coaching vibe

Flexibility with scheduling within Ren's office hours

Provide a learning experience that's custom to YOU!

Have an Art Teacher Focus on YOU

Imagine how it would feel to...

Online courses can be great for a general overall knowledge on a subject, but it can sometimes feel like there's no human contact or you're just watching how-to videos. Ren believes the heart of learning is in connection — through listening and communication, she cuts through the noise to teach you EXACTLY what YOU want to learn.

With her degree in Art Education and vast experience teaching a variety of learners, Ren taps into her knowledge base to outline a customized plan of action, so you know just what you'll be working on, complete with project guides and time for feedback.

You'll feel supported throughout your learning journey by a proficient artist and teacher, working at your speed to master a technique or art process with individualized feedback from a heartfelt coach!

But what does that exactly look like?

Meet each other and make sure it's a match
Discuss your art-making needs, such as learning a new medium
Identify pain points or struggles
Feel confident to move on to the art coaching sessions

You and Ren will meet virtually through Zoom for 20 minutes to talk over your upcoming art lesson. By talking through your needs for learning a specific skill, such as what you struggle with,  a plan will develop with clear goals for classtime.

Introduction & Plan

First Meeting, 20 minutes

Here's what we'll cover...

Review a custom plan with projects designed for your needs
Work in focused 1.5-hour long sessions to learn techniques
Talk through learning struggles and questions
Wrap up with homework and the option to continue coaching

This is the really fun part! Ren will give you a super focused art lesson for 1.5 hours, based on a written plan she's prepared, to cut to the heart of your learning needs. It's full of fun creation time, with maximized results!

Art Coaching

art class, 90-minute Sessions

Meet back and see how your homework went and how you feel
Additional focused time for teaching art and coaching
Personalized feedback on projects
The ability to expand on your learning plan

From here, there will be the option to book additional 90-minute art coaching sessions. Some students learn quickly in one session, while others like the accountability and progress they make with more.

Feedback & Further Learning

Continuation of learning

Procreate Training


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20-minute intro
two 90-minute classes with custom plan + feedback

Intro + 2 Classes

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20-minute intro
Single 90-minute focused art class, with custom plan

INTRO + 1 class

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To officially book your Virtual Art Coaching session, click on the links above. You'll be directed to Calendly, which will allow you to reserve your first time slot within specific days and times. Please also take the time to complete the questionnaire fields, as they provide important initial information for booking.

All times available are open office hours for Ren that work with her schedule. Should a conflict occur, you'll be contacted immediately to reschedule.

Once booked through Calendly, you'll receive an email confirmation and invoice for the services provided. Your session will NOT be officially booked until it is paid in full!

Any questions, please reach out to Ren at


Christina M.

Ren’s such a great teacher because she is able to deliver information in a way that newbies aren’t intimidated, but even skilled creatives can be challenged by her extra suggestions as she personalizes her individual feedback to everyone.

Liberty D.

The zoom drawing class is a huge hit!! My daughter looks forward to them every week. Not only just for her but also the rest of the family has had so much fun learning to draw. Thank you so much for offering this program during quarantine.

Nicole E.

Lauren is a talented artist but also has the ability to translate her love for her craft to teach it to others.

Learning through Zoom doesn't appeal to you

You prefer group learning because you'd rather hide in the back

You're feeling embarrassed or shy to share your work and questions

This is not for you if...

Online teaching feels stale and impersonal

You want a custom approach to learning art one-on-one

You'd like time with an art teacher to ask specific questions and learn individually

This is for you if...

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